Hunter Pence Inspires the Dancing and Singing of Local Residents

You like songs.  You like Hunter Pence.  Why not force those two things together so that your love need not be spread so thin between them?

The band behind the tune, Platt Bridge, will be playing live at the place where dreams come true:  Dave & Buster’s, on October 18.  Its a Tuesday, so you’ll probably be there already.  Come on.  Be honest.

Any and all proceeds will go to breast cancer research, so don’t be an asshole.  Take that phrase Hunter coined lovingly just several months ago, embrace the overexposure of it, and help cram it down the throats of Tuesday afternoon Dave & Buster’s patrons.  They clearly need/want the company.

“We’ve been told of kids in kindergarten dancing to this thing. My 76-year-old mother (Sally Jacoby of Deptford, N.J.), who has been almost sedentary for a year, popped out of her recliner and was dancing for the whole song.”

–Bill Miller, Platt Bridge

Don’t be the only guy with kindergarten-level maturity not dancing to this thing.

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