The Mets....Really?

The Phillies haven’t lost this many games in a row since they were a bad baseball team headed by Terry Francona.  Tito is experiencing his own shit storm in Boston as the Phillies dropped both games of a doubleheader against the Mets.  There were some positives from today’s games; Cole Hamels pitched great, Michael Stutes had two scoreless innings, Ryan Howard played in a game.  There were also some negatives; EVERY SINGLE OTHER GODDAMN THING THAT HAPPENED!

I could bore every one of you with the details of getting shut down by R.A. Dickey and the combination of Herndon and Kendrick pitching like Herndon and Kendrick, but lets just focus on tomorrow.  Roy Halladay pitches tomorrow for the Phillies.  Roy Halladay is really good.  I have not really been in the prediction business this season.  I would probably predict a Phillies victory 162 times and fly violently off the handle if I was wrong.  For self preservation, I have shied away from prognostication.  Book it everyone, Doc wins the game tomorrow.

If I am wrong, I am throwing my television out the window.

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