Lannan Earns Second Career Win Versus Phils

At this point, I kind of want write a recap using the same amount of effort as the Phillies have displayed in the last few games, so here goes.

This one guy pitched for the other team.  You know that one guy that can’t pitch so good right?  Yeah, that’s the one.  He pitched and gave up a shit ton of hits, but the Phillies didn’t score enough runs.  The rookie pitcher pitched for the Phillies, I think his name is Happ or something, and gave up a home run to that guy who always hits home runs against the Phillies.  The manager put in that guy who used to strike everyone out, but he isn’t good anymore.  He gave up some runs.  The tall guy hit a home run, but not enough home run so the Phillies lost again.

The short pitcher pitched tomorrow.  Go short pitcher.

That’s right everyone, go short pitcher.

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