Phillies Confirm Rumors that 2012 Season Will Be Played

For months now, we’ve been keeping our worries tucked deeply inside our heads.  But the anxiety is there.

“Sure, the Phillies are legends now.  But what about NEXT season?  Will there even be one?  We’ve received no indication of it yet!”

It is a voice of concern that responses like “Of… course they will,” do nothing to quell.  But finally, the Phillies threw us a bone and let us enjoy life again by revealing their team schedule for 2012.

We begin in Pittsburgh for another Opening Day performance in front of another team’s stadium stuffed with our people.  A week or so later, we come home to Philly, where we play our first ever game against the Miami Marlins.  Then some other stuff happens.  Then it’s time for Interleague Play, when we take on the Red Sox and Rays at home, followed by road trips up to Toronto, down to Baltimore, and sort of diagonally to Minnesota.

This is of course followed by more stuff, then we get swept by the Astros, and then suddenly, it’s the end of the season and we’re closing it out against the Nationals, who could be as high as third place by then.

So, relax everyone!  Don’t act like I’m the only one who was worried about this.  That would just confirm everything the therapists said, and we can’t let them win, can we?  I mean again.  They get really smarmy.

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