Phillies Drop Second Consecutive Game to the Astros

Luckily, there is no chance that the Phillies will face the Astros in the playoffs.  Regardless of the dreck that the Astros throw out there, the Phillies just can not seem to beat these guys.  They are well on their way to losing 100 games and they are by far the worst team in baseball.  The only player who’s name is actually recognizable is Carlos Lee and he is a big fat old man.  In addition, Cole Hamels has struggled against this team lately.

Cole gave up a three run home run to Clint Barmes and looked like he wanted to punch home plate umpire Jim Reynolds right in his face.  He did not pitch all that well.  Let’s chalk this one up to pitching in a terrible park in front of 10,000 (I refuse to believe that there were 24,000 people there as the official attendance stated).

J.A. Happ pitched well.  He had an ERA well over 5.00 coming into this one.  Seriously.

There isn’t too much to say about this one.  Second straight 5-1 loss.

The Phillies attempt to salvage one win in this series with Goddamn Roy Halladay on the mound.


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