Phillies Release 'It Gets Better' Video to Maintain Tradition of <3<3<3

How could the Phillies 2011 season get better?  Maybe is Roy Oswalt was consistently sharp and Ryan Howard never swung at breaking balls that hit him in the back foot and Dan Uggla’s hit streak had ended in Citizens Bank Park in front of 45,000 toma-mock chops.

But not everyone is thinking in terms of “Phillies baseball” when they do something, even the Phillies.  Sometimes, they try to improve the world they live in rather than just engage hopeless buffoons on the internet who require not only the success of the Phillies, but the failure of their enemies to be truly happy.

What I’m trying to say with absolutely no transition whatsoever is that the Phillies released an It Gets Better video starring Chase Utley, Roy Halladay, John Mayberry, Hunter Pence, and Michael Stutes.

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