With 600 Home Runs, Thome Now Worthy of Being a Phillie Again

Some buzz is starting to be heard that the Phillies could make a play for none other than Jim Thome, who recently hit his 600th home run.

This Seattle Times article about Jim Thome that has a picture of Lyle Overbay attached to it.

Well it’s about time we had some wild fantasy to bury our heads in.  With the horrific trauma of the past weekend behind us, we can now focus on delusional waiver deadline deals to distract ourselves from the maiming of Jimmy Rollins and all the other meaningless crap in our lives, like work and kids.  It is time now to turn our attention to the things that matter, like Jim Thome once again wearing a Phillies jersey or staring out our office windows, dreaming of getting in the car and abandoning our kids forever.

Could Ruben Amaro pull it off?  Probably.  As someone with no knowledge of the situation who gets all of his information second hand, I can say that no one would be surprised if Ruben Amaro did something crazy.  And now that he’s got those 600 home runs under his belt, Thome meets all the qualifications for being a Phillies bench player.

Isn’t that right, Ben Francisco?

At 41, Thome’s even older than Raul Ibanez, but he was legendary outside of merely the first half of 2009.

No, this would be one of those things where a guy with HOF stuff who doesn’t have a Ring would join a team with the potential to get him one for a last shot at glory.  And with the Legend of Jack Cust coming to an abrupt, heartbreaking end after six games, Thome’s left-handedness makes him even more of a perfect fit, even before we all start fawning over how great of a guy he is and how nice it would be to have him back.  All he has to do is clear every single waiver there is.

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