CBS Philadelphia Desperate to Name TBOH Most Valuable Blogger

Let’s be honest with each other.

You come here every day, and you’re like, “MAKE ME LAUGH, TBOH.”

“All right, all right…” I reply, weeping.  I roll out of bed and try to conjure up enough dick and fart jokes to make you laugh, all the while questioning what in the hell I’m really doing it for.  Sure, the whiskey numbs the pain, but… but that just gets me to normal.

And all the while you sit there, chortling away as cereal-bits fly out of your mouth and stick to the monitor.  We dance this dance every day, you and I.  And it never gets any easier.

Which is why you can give me the validation of being Philadelphia’s Most Valuable (sports) Blogger just by clicking here and then clicking the big red button.  You can do it once a day, too, so just sandwich it into your routine between reading this website and checking out Stadium Journey’s thorough examinations of both First Energy Stadium in Reading and Bowman Field in Williamsport.


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