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Ruben Amaro Clearly Sniffing Around Trash Pile; Signs Dave Bush

Ruben Amaro never forgets an enemy, though whether to dispatch of them silently in the night or embrace them as a friend for their skill seems to be a decision he makes without consulting anyone and at the very last second.  In Dave Bush’s case, he chose the latter; a thankful development to Bush’s family and friends, who had been living in rigid fear of Amaro’s vengeance since their boy’s NLDS Game 3 win against the Phillies in 2008.

Dave will be joining Jack Cust in Lehigh Valley with a crisp new Minor League contract to call his own.  From Berwyn, PA originally, Dave is exemplifying the terrifying notion that fate allows no one to escape the firm, yet mundane grip of the Keystone State.  It haunts its natives; in time, dragging back all those who attempt to flee its borders and forcing them into the dull existence offered by pretty much any city between Philadelphia and Pitttsburgh.

Whether or not the horror of this reality will affect Bush’s mentality on the mound is yet to be seen.

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