Today's Bill Conlin Column Graded by My 10th Grade History Teacher

Assuming the topic was “The Phillies Spectacular 10-game Road Trip,” Bill began quite… Conlin-y, in that bouncy descriptive manner you can tell he leans back and nods at on the computer screen, assuming he doesn’t just shout his column word-for-word through the telephone to a transcribing editorial assistant, periodically reminding them that his paycheck is in all likelihood more than anyone deserves to write about the Phillies.

Then it kind of tailspinned into a general recap of Bill’s life a few decades ago, and, then it just… ended.  After insinuating that yes; they do smoke weed in San Francisco.   Oh Bill!  So risque!

And I couldn’t help but picture Mr. Martin of Honors History in room 216 staring down at the mess and ominously uncapping his red pen.

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