Placido Polanco Celebrates Week off DL with Possible DL trip

“As absurd as it might seem, it could be argued that Martinez represents an upgrade over the currently limited and injured Polanco, especially given his production, or lack thereof, since the start of May. ”

Philly Sports Daily

Well I guess that’s not really an arguable point.  Except for some rare cases, an uninjured reserve is probably going to play better than a wounded starter.  Sure, Chase Utley would have played with one of his legs propped on up a tricycle, and we would have loved to have seen him do it, but after the 11th or 12 th consecutive bunt toward second base, no one would be blamed for screaming for Wilson Valdez.

Just as we were getting used to seeing viable threats up and down the lineup, poor Polly goes down a second time, furthering the notion that age has something to do with playing baseball–which the furious collisions and and spirited horseplay in my father’s 50+ league seem to indicate it does not.  

MRIs for everyone!

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