I Guess This is Why Charlie Calls it "Hittin' Season"

It is really hot outside.  It is so hot that any sort of hyperbole used to make a mockery of the weather seems utterly reasonable and plausible.  This is the type of weather that Charlie Manuel calls “hittin’ season.”  What he is implying is that the hot weather gives the hitter an advantage as the ball will go further in hot weather.  Tonight’s game was a perfect illustration of Charlie’s hypothesis.

 The Padres and Phillies hit a combined six home runs with several other balls getting pretty close.  It was one of those games in which every fly ball looked like it had a chance to leave the yard.  Did I mention that it is really fucking hot?

Mat Latos spent the majority of last season leading the National League in ERA as a rookie.  This season has not gone quite as well for the big right hander as he carried an ERA of 4.02 with a 5-10 record into today’s contest.  There is a portion of his poor win loss record that can be attributed to the Padres inability to hit the ball out of the infield, but it is more likely that he is experiencing the dreaded Verducci effect.  The Phillies jumped on Latos early today scoring three runs in the bottom of the first inning.  Latos settled in thereafter, not allowing another run for the remainder of his six innings.

Kyle Kendrick pitched for the Phillies today.   Success for Kyle Kendrick is an outing in which he does not go six innings and allows three earned runs.  If this is barometer for a “successful outing” than today’s version of Kendrick was successful.  Here’s to hoping that he is not given the opportunity to ruin everything.  Oswalt’s back progress may mean that Kyle Kendrick will be relegated to bullpen duty, where he is has been more effective this season.

Lots of home runs, reasonably effective starting pitching and relief pitchers pitching extremely badly.  Chase Utley went deep twice, Ryan Howard hit his first homer since the all star break, and Michael Martinez hit another home run.  Perpetual top prospect Cameron Maybin and Chase Headly (his name kind of sounds like a cartoon rich guy’s name) added homers for the Padres.  Chad Qualls got lit up for three homers and five runs in 1/3 of an inning and the usually reliable Antonio Bastardo gave up two hits, walked two and allowed two runs in 2/3 on an inning of work.  Madson closed the game out and restored order.  It looks like Charlie is going to use Madson in the closers role as the bullpen picture becomes a little clearer.  8-6 win for the Phils directly before a Rihanna concert.

Tomorrow Roy Halladay looks to give the Phillies another series win.  The Padres throw out Tim Stauffer.



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