Starlin Castro and Darwin Barney Shouted at After Loss to Phillies

It may have been hard for Mike Quade to stand there and watch the last 8 2/3 inning of Wednesday’s game, seeing as he never really got past the second play of the game.  He just stood there in the Cubs dugout, stewing in his own angry-juice until the end of the game, when he was finally able to explode all over Starlin Castro for his dropped pop up that started one of the weakest Phillies “rallies” you’ve ever seen.

The nine runs that scored after that were just drops in his puddle.

“Let’s put the negativity behind us, play with some freaking intensity, and continue to work on playing the game the way we need to play — and we’re not.  And it’s not universal. We have to clean up some specific areas.”

–Mike Quade

Remember when you’d be sitting in elementary school, aching to whip out that tamagachi and force feed your digital pet snack food until it died of oversnacking while the teacher gave a stern lecture about poor conduct?  And instead of just pulling the culprit of whatever classic tomfoolery went down aside, they just yelled at everybody, saying accusative, irrational things, following it all with “… and its not everyone.  There are some good kids in here.  But for the most part, you are all seeds of the Devil.”

What I’m getting at in a confusing, roundabout fashion is that Mike Quade was really imitating guilt-spewing Catholic school nuns in his post game speech.  Where was Starlin Castro (and the equally faulted Darwin Barney) during this?  Sitting in the back row, trying to both maintain the mirage of innocence while shifting uncomfortably and sweating all over one of those desks connected to a chair?

Well, no, they’re professional baseball players, so they accepted the blame and promised to do better, rather than panicking, deciding that life on the lam and out of Sister Mary Patrick’s jurisdiction was worth the risk, and jumping out the first floor window.

I’m just saying, Starlin, Darwin–I’ve been there.  Sort of.

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