Rich Dubee Says Go Ahead; Start Doc in All-Star Game and See What Happens

You don’t get to be the Phillies of the Week just by sitting there and being Michael Martinez.  You have to earn it, by doing something great or quirky or whatever happened that one week last year when it was “You, the fans!”

Its not like Tom McCarthy just rolls into the recording booth and screams like a panicky horse trapped in a very small closet for just anybody.  No sir.  I’ve heard there’s some weeks where he refuses to read the copy until they print it in the stateliest calligraphy possible.  And this week, the Phillies of the Week were “The All-Stars,” giving final validation to the four and possibly five Phillies headed for Phoenix.

And then Rich Dubee said “Hang on a sec.”

Its not that Rich Dubee doesn’t like Roy Halladay in the All-Star Game.  He feigns respect for the insitution of the Midsummer Classic quite well.  But let’s be honest.  He could give a shit.  He’d rather have his pitchers at home (In their own, separate homes; not tied up in his sub-basement watching tape.  Though they’d probably be down for that) relaxing their muscles and preparing tactical assaults on the quivering National League.

But again, I’m sure Rich Dubee is glad that he has All-Star caliber pitchers.  He just doesn’t want there to be an All-Star Game for them to have to pitch in to prove it.

“You’re looking at a guy that’s leading the league in innings pitched by a pretty good size. I don’t know that you can deny [the starting job]. It would be an honor. But at the same time, this guy is taking on a big workload again, like he always does. We’ll wait and see what happens.”

In case you couldn’t tell, the “he” in that statement is Roy Halladay.  Also it was Rich Dubee speaking.  Its bad that I’m explaining that, isn’t it?  This isn’t a very good blog.

The point is, Rich doesn’t want Doc to waste any gas pitching two innings in a game that he could for all intents and purposes skip and not cost anybody anything.  Unless you take the World Series homefield advantage thing seriously, in which case you are Bud Selig and I just want to tell you that I think you’re a decrepit mess of a human man and I wish you’d just roll into a gutter and stay there.

Rich Dubee isn’t a “wait and see what happens” kind of guy.  He’s a “shotgun in the dark” kind of guy.  And I don’t know how that applies here, but it’s probably going to end in shocking violence.

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