Clearwater Threshers Make up for Awful Reading Phillies by Being Great

Recently, we discussed the challenges of playing baseball in front of people who love you.  This issue seems to be at the core of the Reading Phillies gross ineptitude; so much so that manager Mark Parent was forced to explain that it was why the team will do better on the road.

But one team that doesn’t seem afraid of playing in front of anyone is the Clearwater Threshers.  And we all know how popular baseball is in Florida, so they’re probably not playing in front fo anyone anyway.  However, that doesn’t mean they can’t be dominant while imagining a stadium full of delirious fans cheering wildly.  And that is what seems to be going on, as the Florida State League Player of the Week and Pitcher of the Week went to a pair of Threshers.

The team itself however just went 2-8 in their last 10.  No word yet on how at fault the players’ loved ones are.

  • Jonathan Singleton was the Player of the Week.  He hit .520 with three home runs and three doubles.  His SLG was 1.000.  He also has a nice smile and is not a country western singer.
  • Trevor May threw seven innings or one-hit shut out baseball, walking two and striking out what’s commonly referred to as “a fuckload” (14).  The 14 fresh corpses he threw on the pile added to the 102 he’s killed in 78 innings.

So you see, there is life in this farm system.  We just have to go down to Florida to find it at the moment.  Which is easy to do.  Because nobody’s there.


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