Phillies Media Can't Decide Between Constant Panic and Condescension

Fresh off the Daily News Live discussion of the century in which Mandy Housenick barfed word-sewage and Marcus Hayes announced Cole Hamels good enough for the All-Star Game but not the playoffs, the Philadelphia Daily News is telling you to settle the fuck down, please.

Paul Hagen announced this morning that, despite the television version of the Daily News telling us there are plenty of reasons to panic, we should actually just relax and let the team do its thing.  This is the fun little circle of media we’re all privy to; write about concerns, whether real or imaginary, and then debunk them for people reacting to them.  That’s what you get when you have infinite numbers of writers and publications all scrambling for content before a deadline (This message brought to you by That Balls Outta Here, one of the top 65 necessary Phillies blogs on the internet!).

So, I don’t… are we supposed to freak out or not?  Because I was up until four this morning sharpening my pitchfork.  If you try to tell me that was a waste of time, I might just lose my shit anyway.

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