Chase Utley and Jimmy Rollins Appreciate Box Indicating Score

“Its nice to win, but its even nicer to see the final score floating above your head in a small, brightly colored box,” Jimmy Rollins said with a devilish smile after yesterday’s series finale win over the Cubs.

While many fans enjoyed the third straight victory from the comfort of their homes, most failed to realize that the box indicating the score, innings, and count was completely visible to players live at the event.

“That’s fucking weird,” said Rich Orias of Media, PA.  “That thing’s just sitting up there over their heads?  Is it heavy?  What if it falls and hits somebody?  With the injuries we’ve gone through so far this year, I don’t think WPHL should be taking the risk.”

When pressed for a comment, WPHL technicians replied with silence, brought on mainly by confusion.

“I’m sorry…what… what are you asking?” requested an increasingly irritated WPHL employee via phone.  “No, they can’t… of course they can’t see the score box.  It’s for TV viewers only.  It’s there only if you’re watching the game on TV.”

Scoreboards exist all over Citizens Bank Park, and one would assume that players playing in a professional baseball game would know the score at all times, the score box seems to serve a redundant purpose.  However, it does appear to bring a smile to the faces of the team’s middle infielders, which, given the quality of Jimmy Rollins’ smile, is enough of a plus for the box’s presence to continue.

“Man, that looks good,” J-Roll concluded before jogging off the field.

“I don’t like this,” Orias lamented.  “I really thought that thing didn’t appear in real life.  I actually don’t understand this at all.  It’s weird.”

Utley remained silent on the matter, having realized the cameras had caught him smiling and, far too embarrassed to address the press, immediately began his post-game training regiment of dragging delayed Amtrak trains into 30th Street Station with his teeth.

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