This One Was Tough To Watch

A rookie pitcher essentially attempts to hand the Phillies a game and the offense can not come through with a clutch hit.  I am fairly certain that I blacked out with rage and missed signifigant portions of the game.  From what I remember Rubby De La Rosa was aided by unicorns in his five inning, five walk, one run performance.  Matt Kemp is a really good baseball player.  He hit an opposite field home run off of Michael Stutes after Tommy Lasardo flashed the young right hander leaving him confused as to how a man that old can have breasts that can stand up like that.  The final score was 6-2.  The Phillies kicked the ball all over the place and Roy Oswalt was not very good.  Positives from today’s shit storm were……

I am turning the page on this one.  Tomorrow Cole Hamels looks to win the Phillies a series.  Maybe a pitcher that has traditionally owned the Phillies can inexplicably reverse their offensive ineptitude.  This completely ridiculous theory will be tested as Hiroki Kuroda goes for the Dodgers.  There is a pretty strong possibilty that we will see Michael Martinez and Wilson Valdez as the starting middle infielders.  Uh oh.

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