New Phillies Comic Advocates Met-Related Violence

Here is your Thursday Morning Picture of the Phillies Phanatic Gleefully Committing and Act of Horrible Violence.

If you’d like to see how this ends, check out Jon “Voice of the Philly Roller Girls” Goff and David “Do It Yourself Doodler” Jablow’s new comic “Dugout Phunnies.”  Sure, it may sound like a free giveaway coloring book, but I’ve seen how this two panel story arc ends, and it is filled with more blood and spine fragments than you can possibly imagine. And for those of us with irrepressible bloodlusts from time to time, I can assure you that it is immensely satisfying.

Not only that, but Goff and Jablow’s portrait works as a time capsule of the current NL East era; the Phillies, dominant and forceful; a glazed, distant look in their eyes as they cram a smiling, oblivious Mets team out of contention and into a makeshift meat grinder.

So, all those Phillies-centric dark thoughts you have on the bus?  Finally, someone has rounded them up and filled a 20-page comic with them.

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