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Today the World Gave us Larry Andersen

And in return, Larry Andersen gave the world these moments through the past 58 years.

LA:  The Braves are gonna lo-ose!”

Southern Kid 1:  “No they’re not!”

Southern Kid 2:  “You’re gonna lose!”

LA:  “We’re gonna kill ‘um!  We’re gonna kill ‘um!”

–Larry Andersen, in Phillies uniform, watching Braves fans walk into Atlanta-Fulton County Stadium in 1993.

Did you know L.A. was once traded for Jeff Bagwell?  Sure, its often considered one of the “worst trades ever,” but it definitely happened.

“I don’t care to see anybody go to jail or get something put on their resume that they’re convicted of something, but am I going to lose any sleep over him being convicted of obstruction of justice? Not at all.”
–Larry Andersen on Barry Bonds


“Somebody ought to put one in his neck.”

–Larry Andersen on Jose Reyes’ celebratory dancing


Scott Franzke:  (Giggling)

LA:  (Waking up, clearly asleep on air) “…wha…?”

Franzke:  “Ah, nothin’.”



Larry Andersen, to fans at Spring Training 1993 who are looking at him from behind a fence


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