Offense and Doc Stumble In Blowout Loss

There are many times that this blog tends toward the hyperbolic to illustrate feelings toward a certain player.  The following is in no way fabricated or exaggerated.  Randy Wolf shut out the Phils for six innings and allowed two hits.  Does everyone remember Randy Wolf?  Remember that he had that stupid 60 MPH curveball that people would destroy?  Yeah, that Randy Wolf.  He gave up two hits, throughout his entire start.  He went six innings.  I am having difficultly rationalizing what happened, so you this entire enterprise is going to be borderline incoherent (well, more incoherent that usual).  Roy Halladay gave up two hits in the first inning, which happens to be the number of hits that the Phils provided FOR THE ENTIRE GAME.

We have become accustomed to the robot-like consistency provided by Roy Halladay.  After 6 2/3 innings, ten hits and six earned runs, I am going to stay away from any sort of broken robot puns and stick to seething quietly while staring blankly at a stark wall.  Roy had the opportunity to escape from absolute annihilation in the top of the seventh when Ryan Howard dove for a Price Fielder groundout and had it skip off of his glove.  Rickie Weeks scored and Halladay gave way to David Herndon who promptly gave up a three run home run to Casey McGehee.  Enter recently called up Mike Zagurski.  Mike gave up two more runs making the score 9-0.

No offensive positives.  No pitching positives.  Two hard hit balls were snared by great defensive plays by the Brewers.  Lets forget this one and move on.

Cliff Lee goes tomorrow versus Brewers lefty Chris Narveson.

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