Real Games Start Tomorrow

Former Braves prospect and current Pirates rotation space filler Charlie Morton started against the Phillies today.  He of a 2-12 record and a 7.57 ERA last season.  I am no sabermatrician, but I am assuming that statistics like these do not predict success.   He gave up one hit and one unearned run in five innings today. Charlie Morton is a bad major league pitcher.  The only thing that I can infer from his performance today is that the entire Philadelphia Phillies team did not try very hard.  One hit?  At least the real games start on Friday.

Cole Hamels pitched against Morton today looking more Morton-like than Morton.  His velocity looks good and he only looked to be locating his pitches well.  He allowed two runs on a two run home run by Pedro Alvarez, but otherwise seemed to be in control today.

The Phils were defeated 4-1 today bringing their spring training record to 21-14.  They take on the Astros on Friday at 1:05 P.M. if the weather cooperates.  Hopefully Doc can will the clouds to break long enough to get the game in.

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