Phils Fans Nearing Breaking Point

I think that a torrent of swearing and crying is the only way to handle when something does not go your way.  Acting like a bratty two year old when your favorite baseball has problems, seems apt when 50% of the starting infield, the team’s number one prospect and the closer have experienced some sort of injury.  Earlier in the spring Cliff Lee had some sort of religious experience/epiphany concerning his pitching mechanics.  I wonder if Cliff could have some sort of conversation with God to stop breaking our baseball team.  Maybe he could throw some injuries someone else’s way.  Jesus, Jeff Francoeur plays in 130 games a year without fail and it has been discussed extensively on this blog that the guy is a crap-hole.

The Phillies sent Joe Blanton to the bump today to oppose the Toronto Blue Jays and former 13 game winner Jesse Litsch. The Phillies got to Litsch for nine hits and five runs in his 3 1/3 innings.  Blanton got hit around a little bit (seven hits over his four innings), but only allowed two runs.  This is the point in the spring in which the pitchers are starting to approach normal outings.  These next two weeks can not pass fast enough.

In the first inning, Phils third baseman Placido Polonco hyperextended his surgically repaired elbow sending every fan in Philadelphia fan a little closer to the edge.  Fucking Jeff Francoeur.

Every Phillies reliever save Jose Contreras and Juan Perez were touched for at least one run.  Baez looked Baez-like walking two in his one inning of work.  Ryan Madson gave up two hits, two walks and two runs in his inning of work just in time to plant the seed of doubt in his ability to close.  I know that all the expectations for this season magnify any sort of imperfect outing one thousand times, but  all this makes me want to do to scream into a pillow until I throw up.

Raul Ibanez and Ben Francisco homered for the Phils giving up some hope for some outfield production.  Wilson Valdez hit a three run double and Howard hit an RBI double.  I think that the entire team knows that we need them to score a bunch of runs to make us feel better.

Fucking Jeff Francoeur.*

The Phillies won the game 13-7.

Next up for the Phillies they take on these very same Blue Jays on Thursday at 1:05.

*It is no coincidence that every staff member at TBOH hates Jeff Francoeur with the fire of one thousand suns.

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