Matt Anderson Basically Promises to Pitch 105 MPH

Check out the balls on Anderson.

The fastballs that is!  Yeah, it’s one of those posts.  Sorry.Matt Anderson is probably the best definition of “redemption” at the Phillies 2001 Spring Training camp.  Well, Cliff Lee I guess.  And Domonic Brown, you could say.  And all of the Phillies, really, since they didn’t win the World Series in 2010.

Matt serves more significantly as a warning that terrible things can happen at anytime.  The muscle rip that tore him out of baseball in 2002 happened in the midst of his most storied successes and statistical lines.  But, in between coaching little league for his kids and all of the free time that managing 25 small, brainless humans allows, he kept in shape.  Over this very winter, many years later, he claims to have hit the high 90s with his fastball.

“Yeah, right!” says you, scoffing like a wealthy cartoon businessman.  “I’ll believe it when I–”

Sadly, you never finished that sentence, as one of Matt Anderson’s 96 mph fastballs from Spring Training this year clocked you in the brain stem and you died.  Because you were too arrogant to compose a will, all of your cartoon businessman money was donated to terrorism.  You suck.

“…I figure I still got 103, 104, 105 left in me. I’m really excited about where I’m at.”

Matt Anderson

If there’s anything we Phillies fans deserve, its another improbably talented pitcher returning to form.

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