Woooooo weekends.

TBOH to Public: "Hold Onto Your Butts"

Things sure are changing around here on That Balls Outta Here, a blog that has now made two irrelevant cultural references in its headlines this week.  First, somebody let a new staff writer in here, Tony DiStefano, whose first post recapped the Phillies recent eight-run massacre that was unfortunately just for fun.  Second, there will be a blast of hot guest posts in the coming weeks.  Finally, just before the season starts, we are proud to announce our 2011 Phillies Fan Guide, entitled “DANCE WITH ME INSIDE THIS RING OF FIRE,” which is based on an out of context Ryan Howard quote, and is only pronounceable when typed in all capital letters.

Yes, adoring public, this is a blog post about other blog posts that don’t exist yet, but like the 2011 Phillies, that doesn’t mean you can’t get prematurely excited over it and assume the best.  As we lovingly enter this fresh new set of games, shouts, and lies, let us find guidance in a document written by me and appearing on this website.

Now let’s all reflect on the beautiful things to come on this website by having a great weekend.

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