Well... no, not in baseball ability.

Jimmy Rollins and I are Pretty Much the Same Person

I was answering interview questions in an email this morning, and saying every word of my responses out loud as I typed them.  My prediction of the Phillies 2011 win total was the last inquiry, and I instinctively typed “100,” and clicked “send.”  Because that is how emails are sent.

Jimmy forgot to pack his catch phrase this year.  Which isn’t a criticism, I’m just saying, that doesn’t give the t-shirt people a lot to work with.

“We’ll win 100 games.  I really plan on going after, what is it, Seatlle won 114 [sic] or something. … We’ll go get somewhere hopefully in that range. But that requires everybody doing their job.”

…is great and all, but that’s not gonna fit on a women’s medium.

Anyways, the PLAN is to win over 114 games, but Jimmy says that he’ll settle for 100.  And as long as you have zero follow-up comments, yes, I think that makes Jimmy and I pretty close to an even keel.

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