John Maine Breaks Hearts All Over Philadelphia

Now we know how the Yankees feel.John Maine is an all right guy whom I have never met.  But his decision to play for the Rockies instead of the Phillies will obviously lead to relentless abuse from the fans in CBP for the rest of his career, if people knew at all that this had happened.  Some people tried to call it “The Maine Event,” but those people were quickly rounded up and left in a part of the woods with a thriving wolf population.

Mainely, it was the Phillies’ need for starting pitching that prompted their interest in the Mets’ failure.  There was a time when Joe Blanton’s job of “pitching fifth” and “being scorned for no reason by the press” wasn’t as seemingly secure as it is at the moment, and someone was going to have to get in there.  Rather than waste the time of a busy city worker to bulldoze a pile of garbage onto the pitching mound, the Phillies sought out John Maine, who for a while, seemed to be headed here.  The story went ignored for the most part, like the way you wake up from a nightmare, involving wolves in the woods, and choose to force the already hazy memory out of your head in denial.

Before you could say, “Let’s get that quickly declining, very much injured guy on our roster,” John Maine fled to Colorado to live out the rest of his career with plenty of more caves to crawl into in case he fails some more.

[Matt Tracy]

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