Why, I once found this having crashed through my living room window after "applauding wrong" at a Phillies game in 2001.

Larry Bowa Autographs for Everyone!

Hell, I’m not even ready to admit the Phillies are better than anybody before the season actually starts.  The Sporting News is reporting that 2010 World Series Champion and 2011 NL All-Star team manager Bruce Bochy is more than willing to publicize how awesome he thinks the Phillies are.  Thanks, Bruce!

A man who seems like his faith in the Giants is a bit stronger is the continuously jilted Larry Bowa, who will be making himself available for autographs in Citizens Bank Park this Saturday from noon to 1pm.  If you can put aside an hour to be possibly shrieked at by one of your heroes, by all means, head the hell on over.

Yet to be determined is whether Larry was asked to make an appearance or if he will merely be crashing through one of the windows and grabbing people by the shirt collar like normal.  No, no; to his fans, he’s nothing but charitable and kind.

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