Then he accidentally struck out the developers and wiped some snot on his sleeve. Then his snot struck out the developers.

Roy Halladay Corrects Entire Video Game

From the latest issue of Game Informer:

“When Philadelphia Phillies pitcher Roy Halladay met with Major League Baseball 2K11’s development team, he told them he always tried to throw strikes, but hitting the desired spot with each pitch is harder than it looks.  Within minutes of playing 2K11, he pointed out that it was far too easy to place pitches.”

–Andrew Reiner

First of all, until today, I didn’t think Roy Halladay tried to throw strikes.  I thought he just reared his arm back and what happens to people after the baseball comes out  of it is just part of the natural process.  

I haven’t played a baseball game since Bases Loaded, because I when it came to video games, I was frantically seduced by the hemorrhaging alien blood of the FPS world.  But if the developers are setting the bar as high as Roy Halladay, there might be a few lazy-eyed couch-thletes who find themselves in an indecipherable vortex of unpitchable cutters.

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