Three Cases of Unfortunate Phrasing Today

“There’s some hunger in our mouths,” centerfielder Shane Victorino said. “I don’t think we can be any hungrier than we are right now.”

Shane Victorino

The word is “hungry,” Shane; we… we just say “hungry.”  Adding “…in the mouth” to most phrases adds a touch of confusion.

“I would say that we’re probably not going to resign him.” [Chad Durbin]

Ruben Amaro, Jr.

Man, do we have to watch Kyle Kendrick do Chad Durbin’s job this year?  Do we really have to do that?  I’m expecting less bullpen use just like the next guy, but I’d rather have Chad than a right-handed Romero.  Which he isn’t, explaining why he’s on this team.

“Could Jose Reyes end up on the Phillies?”

Subway Squawkers


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