This is not the Phillies Caravan.

Caravan of Phillies Psyched for "Phillies Caravan"

Some people just don’t want to like the Phillies.  Take WPAZ radio in Pottstown.  Unlike the capital of Pennsylvania, they have no interest in spreading the joy of Phillies baseball this summer.  The fine people of Pottstown will have to go through another season of no Phillies and being confused with that other town that has close to the same name and is where the Yuengling plant is.But others are not so short-sighted of the value the Phillies bring; namely, the Phillies themselves.  They have every intention of getting the word out on how spectacular they are via the Phillies Caravan, which has been/will continue to get Phillies like Charlie Manuel, Ruben Amaro, Ryne Sandberg, and a host of Major and Minor Leagu players to show up in a few regional locations.  It is much like the Braves Caravan, only the Phillies Caravan features solely players who made it past a single round of the 2010 MLB playoffs.  It is even less like the Pirates Caravan.

Yes, unlike some other Philadelphia teams, the Phillies coaching staff is quite intact and ready to succeed.  If you live in the Pottstown area, you may want to secure a place in one of the Caravan’s spots.  Just hand over the completely necessary $80, or if you’re insane, $725 for an entire table!

The Phillies Caravan is not interested in your pauper’s wages.

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