Kyle Kendrick Now Arbitrating All By His Damn Self

“We are pleased to have come to terms with Benny,” Ruben Amaro grinned, using an affectionate nickname that only those close to Ben Francisco or those who have recently closed contractual negotiations with him may use.Kyle Kendrick now sits alone in the arbitration waiting room.  He flips through the magazines on the table for the 20th time.  The clock on the wall ticks.  The raucous, partying sounds of those who had already completed or didn’t have to bother with arbitration are heard through the door.

And Kyle sighs.

On the other side, we’ve unsurprisingly notched Benny Fresh to a $1.175 million one-year deal.  It may be tough to get excited about things like “arbitration” or “equitable deals” when the NFL is offering such unfiltered street fights.  He’s a prime ingredient in whatever this right field cocktail is going to taste like, but with the performance bonuses sprinkled throughout Benny’s new set up, he will hopefully be even more motivated to take over in right–


Sorry.  Kyle’s knocking on the door again.  Everybody shut up and he’ll go away.

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