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Phillies Looking for Cheap Downgrades; Find John Maine

With certain additions this off season, the Phillies got a lot better.  With the addition of John Maine, we’d probably get a little worse.  When you have an armor plated rotation, there’s obviously going to be the occasional hole.  Technically, that “hole” weigh 245 pounds and is named Joe Blanton.  But Joey’s no “hole.”

He’s solid, he cleans up after himself, he gets enough sleep, he handles the presence of ghosts very well, and his reflexes are unmatched.  If I’m the GM, that’s pretty much every criteria I need in my fifth starter.

Anyways, the Phillies could make John Maine that hole.  Is John as adequate as Joe?  Ha ha ha, come on.  But he is way cheaper, because he’s been a terrible baseball player and he has a shitty attitude.

So that’s his “appeal.”


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