"Tell you what. You get a 10 day head start."

Cliff Lee Moves Into Condo with Perfect Stalker's Eye View

Mark 1706 Rittenhouse Square on your maps, Cliff Lee just set up shop in the area where I used to walk a very old dog.  Curbed has a picture of him in full uniform hurling a fastball from the kitchen into the bedroon in celebration of the deal.Since Roy Halladay bought a house in Newton Square, on which he demolished the luxurious mansion in the way of his 1.66 acres of outdoor workout space/human being hunting ground; and Cole Hamels shacked up with Heidi in West Chester, but then also ordered a kickin’ hangout spot so in Center City so the other Phillies would stop leaving him out of their plans, one has to wonder how tested the strengths of the Phillies-rotation-only tin can telephone system are.

Roy Oswalt, however, lives out in the woods, where he can work out the kinks in his deer-alarm system.

Joe Blanton in the adjacent bear cave, on top of a pile of bears.

Kyle Kendrick, I assume, sleeps on Doc’s couch; though he’s got to clear out before anybody wakes up in the morning.

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