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Phils Decide Romero is Worth a Sergio Escalona

Well, the Eagles couldn’t pull off a first round playoff win, even with a magical long-snapper.  Nearby, as the Birds were not finishing an inspiring Vick-gotten drive into the Packers’ red zone, the Phillies were telling Sergio Escalona that he’s not wanted anymore and to please leave.Bringing J.C. Romero back is what it is, but what it also is is one more unvacant roster spot on the 40-man.  Obviously, someone’s go to go, and that  someone in this case is Escalona, whose left hand and youth were deemed not quite ready for Major League scrapping, earning him a DFA.

You may remember Sergio from doing okay in 2009 and actually appearing with the Phillies a few times, and you also may remember him from blowing 16 saves in 2010 on his way to a decidedly unbanner, 4-8, 3.81 year.  Or you may just remember him as that name that appeared next to Antonio Bastardo’s a bunch of times this past season when everyone was saying with increasing panic, “OMFG WHO IS GOING TO THROW TO LEFTIES?!”

[Swing and a Long Drive]

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