Somebody get these people a video game to be in!

MLB The Show '11, Starring an Enraged CBP Crowd

GameTrailers was decent enough to put up a sample video from MLB The Show ’11 in which Josh Beckett strikes out Jimmy Rollins, even though in the description it describes it as a “90 second duel between Josh Beckett and Ryan Howard.”While it’s not out of the question that some of Ryan’s more humiliating strikeouts should require him to take credit for a few of his teammate’s, that #11 and the name “ROLLINS” on the back of the jersey is a pretty clear indication of mistaken identity.

The best part, however, happens when J-Roll goes down “swinging” and a CGI Citizens Bank Crowd rises to its feet, about to unleash a collective batch of Philadelphian hostility on anybody in their way.

Music:  C

Graphics:  A

Realism:  A+++

[No Guts No Glory]

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