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Happy Birthday to The Red Devil

I know, everybody was talking about this today, someone told me.  So I, like a guy clearing his throat in a room full of people talking, am going to now announce something everybody already knows.

Happy birthday, Charlie “The Red Devil” Manuel.  You’ve been alive 67 times in the last 67 years.  As a guy whose almost died twice today already, I can attest to how insane that is, and I haven’t even built a career in a professional sport or induced the curses of an entire nation.

These days, Chuck is hanging out, hating the idea of extended playoffs, and calling Brad Lidge sometimes  just to talk about how awesome the starting rotation is.  But that last one is according to Hal Bodley, who I believe sees a lot of things that aren’t really there, like people who want him to write, or cats performing choreographed dance routines.

[Tampa Bay]

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