Phillies Decide it Best to Bring Back J.C. Romero

The Phillies just signed J.C. Romero, making that jokey headline I posted a few days ago some much more accurate than any of us, while laughing hysterically, could have imagined.So he’s a lefty.  That’s good.

So we paid $1.1 million for a single go-around with J.C., rather than extending his sentence for $4.5 million.

So he had his highest ERA since 2006 last season.

So we kind of fired him already, hired a replacement, then fired him for being too fat, then beckoned to J.C. again–the main appeal being that he is left-handed and weighs less than 250 pounds.

So he’s ripped himself up a few times muscularly and its cost him some playing time.

So Charlie’s trust in him has cost us in the past.

So he’s filling a role the Phillies and their budget have indirectly described as “Will Ohman-esque” or “Ron Mahay-like” previously.

So he’s punched a guy (HE WAS PROVOKED) and been suspended for PEDs.

So his recent memories have more failures than successes.

So… yeah.

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