Why Don't You Write a Blog Post Your Damn Self

Its the holidays, okay?  I know I’m not updating enough.  Also I moved and I’m asleep a lot and I’m kind of dodging an attempted murder charge.  So things are hectic.  Forgive me.

I’m not taking time off, I’m just warning you/covering my ass, when things start getting stingy around here, post-wise, its only temporary.  But know always, as I smile and laugh with friends and family over this holiday, I will be thinking about Phillies blogging, even if it seems like I’m having a nostalgic or emotional moment.  If there are tears in my eyes, its because I’m thinking about Cliff Lee, not Christmas dinner.

So please, even though it may not appear to be the case on this blog over the next week, let’s recognize that Christmas is about one thing and one thing only:  The Philadelphia Phillies.

Stay tuned!

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