This is the Part Where Cliff Lee Doesn't Matter

And the next cycle of Cliff Lee-centered news stories is churned out, like a sludge-pipe, puking out raw sewage.  This time, they’re flavored with a bitter hint of watered down negativity.

For instance, did you know the Phillies, by wanting high class ace pitching, are only copying the Giants?  It’s totally “true.”  Also, the fact that the Phillies have four aces is no guarantee they’ll go all the way.  However, the fact that the Giants beat all four of them this year them this year in the playoffs does guarantee the Giants another World Series ring.  In case you were wondering.

Next, the Inquirer mentions offhand that as great as this staff is, it probably won’t last forever, because what does in this crazy world?  Nothing, that’s what.  Sure, the Phillies maybe have assembled a crew of legends to weave the fabric of October, but weho cares?  Life is fleeting,

What Bob Brookover is trying to tell us, I guess, is that the joy and happiness we have in getting Cliff Lee can be easily morphed into inescapable dread.

Lastly, though the Phillies do have a handful of all-stars to throw at people, the other teams will also have pitchers; some of them will even be good.

So we’re in the part of the cycle now where everybody pretends its not great.  This is most likely due to overexposure, as no one has talked about anything else for literally six months.  When all conversation is utterly monopolized by a single topic, it makes sense that people know enough about it to downplay it, or water it down, or expose their fear through a quick recounting of their defenses.

Shit.  Well, I thought this was a good thing.  Sure, maybe they drowned the whole thing in hyperbole.  But they can’t put it in the newspaper if it isn’t just the coolest fucking thing ever.

Anyways, we have Cliff Lee now.  Apparently that sucks.  Damn it.

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