Here are the 2001 FSU Seminoles not winning another National Title.

Phillies Schedule a Fight with Some College Students

The twist?  They won’t be from Temple… and they won’t even be drunk.February 24, the Phillies and Florida Seminoles baseball team are penciled in for the spring’s first contest.  Its a merry little tradition dating back to 2007, when they first agreed to do it for some reason.

Now that Buster Posey has a World Series ring and a Rookie of the Year award, Florida State is going to give themselves as much credit as they can milk out of the sweet, succulent teats of glory.  As far as current honors go, the school is touting their boy, pitcher Mike McGee, for nabbing a backup spot on a roster of players some writers think may be good in a season that has yet to be played.  Well done.

Yes, regardless, the Phillies will undoubtedly toy with the Sems, who can’t even win a national title.  I mean, yeah, their coach has been there for 32 years, coached all of Philadelphia’s favorite sports stars from Deion Sanders to J.D. Drew, and constructed a 1391-472 record, which is not bad for the former head basketball coach at Tallahassee Community College.  Also their home field is named after him.

Here are the 2001 FSU Seminoles not winning another National Title.


With Dennys Reyes being slipped out of the picture, we don’t know what exactly the February 24, 2011 Phillies will look like, but chances are they will be playing the Seminoles with a pretty identical squad as last year, minus one beard and several bullpen arms.  FSU spent their off season raiding the American Midwest for 15 shiny new recruits.

Hopefully, the game will be televised, giving the morale-squashing midwinter a highly necessary injection of baseball.  With the Phillies in house, this game that doesn’t count is sure to have the highest attendance in Florida all season.

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