Charlie Manuel Adds His Two Cents to Dead Silence of Off Season

Past Winter Meetings, from which our front office has loaded up the car with a salvo of high profile names, have left us somewhat expectant of eye-bulging deals come this time of year.  But not now.  Now, we sit on what we’ve already got; pondering, wondering, and feeling just a little left out as high speed contracts, players, and teams whiz by.

And Ruben, well.  He just sits there., that cold, calculating stare penetrating the oxygen; his mind working things out like a a game of chess being replayed in fast motion, on a continuous loop. picked this ripe time to sit Charlie Manuel down and force him to re-live the most blistering called-three strikeout of Ryan Howard’s career, just two months ago.

“All of a sudden, somebody tells you that you got beat and you have to go home.”

While its admirable/a teensy bit crazy that Charlie actually refuses to leave the dugout until stadium security removes him, we are still mounting  a recovery from a shitty little playoff disintegration, and apparently, we don’t believe we have to do too much to do so.

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