Aaron Rowand Would Bring Memories, Terrible BA to Philadelphia

“Gaining Rowand would also lessen the blow of losing Werth, since Rowand was a very popular player in Philadelphia.”

–MyFOX Philadelphia

“Popularity,” of course, being the first thing they train you to look for in a player at General Managing University; unlike that trashy “Did the player recently have an abysmal season?”-centered program they’ve got at GM Tech.

We are adamantly in favor of baseball players hurting themselves for the sake of a play, and Aaron Rowand will probably be remembered for doing nothing but.  Not that he was a hemophiliac with osteoporosis, constantly shattering his pelvis or leaving a blood trail from the outfield grass into his seat in the dugout because of a torn cuticle.

Its more like the singular definition of Aaron’s time in Philadelphia can be summed up in one, face-pulverizing moment so well known and so frequently recalled that I won’t even bother overdramatizing it here.

And now, he’s the next name to be thrust into the lights of right field candidates.  Does the mere fact that he sacrificed his face bones for the cause in ’07 endear him to us, despite being a shadowplayer of the opposition in the gut-scrambling NLCS loss of this year?  Yeah, why not.  Aaron didn’t really do enough to warrant whatever’s next on our patented list of “Terrible Philadelphia Sports Fan Things” (I believe we’re up to “Throwing a piss-filled soda can at opposing player in on deck circle!”  Whose turn is it?!).

I mean, you know, there was this little comment.  But I once said the same exact thing to an Airbus full of tourists after six $9 mini-whiskeys and getting riled up from a particularly vocal viewing of Charlie St. Cloud.

Ruben’s questing after some detailed spot-fillers–a set of relievers, at least one of which is left handed, and an outfielder who hits right handed.  Its the off season, so names and rumors are flying around like trash thrown at a guy screaming on an airplane.  Do we actually want him, or is Ruben pulling a Brick Tamland and just saying things he sees around the room?  Because he’s also said things like this regarding his own strategies:

“Is that the right assessment? I don’t know, but that’s how I view it.”

A guy on Bleacher Report suggested the Phillies should be looking at Carl Crawford, because he is comparable to Werth in many ways.  Why yes, he is.  And the rules of baseball state that if a player leaves your team, you may replace him with any player who is just as good for no money.  Why is this even a debate?  Just sign Crawford, ignore any huge, gaping, obvious problems that surface from doing so, and play baseball.  Easy.

Aaron Rowand is an option.  That seems like about it.  He kicked a hole in Philadelphia when he left because he’d hit .309 on the year, but even on a World Championship Giants team, he tanked so hard (.211 BA) that they would gladly choke on a lot of his owed $24 million just to be rid of him.  If that’s the best part of all this (that and at one time being a fan favorite), you have to wonder if there are better options out there.

Than again, in a league where Jeff Francoeur can strike a deal that includes significant playing time, maybe there aren’t.

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