Jamie Moyer Once Again Disproves Everything I Said Yesterday

When you leave this blog, chances are you know better than to assume everything uttered here comes from a place of truthfulness or sanity.  But normally, I can pounce on an idea and run with it with some measure of accuracy.

Like an unstoppable tricycle, Jamie Moyer once more unapologetically rips my point in half.

All I suggested was that Jamie Moyer’s house was for sale; and that its price had dropped by $1 million.  And that it could mean he was planning to retire.  And that perhaps the building housed some sort of youth-giving element from which Jamie had been copiously consuming for the best few decades.

Nothing crazy.

Just because he’s going to have surgery, again, and wait an entire year before coming back to the game, and only one other guy in history has performed such a sequence of events without howling in pain or just saying “No, that’s crazy,” does not mean Jamie won’t look for a 2012 return.

And herrrreee cooommmme the “old people” jokes.

Not everyone sees this as an opportunity to ridicule the elderly.

“It’s official – Jamie is having surgery Wednesday and we are cautiously optimistic superman will make a comeback!”

–Moyer Foundation Facebook Page

Ha, ha, ha.  But seriously, you should clarify if he is superman or not because its sort of becoming one of the only possible explanations for his longevity.

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