Chris Truby Not a Satanist; is BlueClaws Manager

With Ryne Sandberg managing the Ironpigs and Mickey Morandini taking on the CrossCutters, an equally recognizable name from Phillies lore is moving to scenic Lakewood, NJ to wrangle a boatload of BlueClaws into their third consectuive league championship.

And his name is Chris Truby.

“I don’t who that is!” I just yelled at no one.  “Explain myself!”

After dispelling those pesky satanist rumors in 2001, Chris Truby ended a totally “whatever” playing career in the minors of the Pirates, who witnessed his retirement in 2007, then recycled him right back into the system as a coach in 2008.  Then he went to Hawaii for a while.  Then he came to Williamsport just for the sake of jarring contrast.

Chris may have guessed his time with the Williamsport CrossCutters was over when these headlines began appearing.  But the Phillies aren’t a team that just gets rid of people without knowing the full scope of their merit.  Isn’t that right, Ryne Sandberg?

Ha, ha, ha.  This is one of those hilarious Phillies blogs you’ve heard about.  Try to keep up.

Anyways, the Phillies have been shuffling their minor league coaching responsibilities around like a guy with no clue how to play chess, but still somehow wins.  Outside hires in the form of Morandini and Sandberg are complimented by organizational graduations, like Chris moving from Williamsport to Lakewood, and Chris’ predecessor Mark Parent from Lakewood to Reading.

Then there are those like Dave Huppert who dematerialized entirely.

But the key here is that there are people managing our baseball teams, preventing a situation where players are running around, pawning all the equipment for candy, hurling lawn furniture into busy intersections,  and doing all those wild things you read about in “Odd Man Out” that never actually happened.

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