Your 2011 Nonroster Invitees With Some Other Stuff Mixed In

Last year, I decided to do an in depth profile on each of these guys once a week.  It lasted maybe two weeks, and then I pretty much started doing it whenever I remembered, and I wound up getting probably half of them done.  Maybe more.  The point is, sometimes I my eyes are bigger than my stomach.

But this year will of course be different, as long as I don’t let other things distract me.

The 2011 Phillies Nonroster Invitees, etc.

C Dane Sardinha

IF Pete Orr

IF/OF Tagg Bozied

The trailer for Cowboys and Aliens

OF Brandon Moss

LHP Dan Meyer

RHP Eddie Bonine

This remarkably poignant blog post regarding Glenn Burke, baseball’s first openly gay player.

IF Josh Barfield

OF Matt Miller

This reminder that if I lived in India I would never take my pants out of my socks.

LHP Ryan Feierbend

I should really get some actual work done.

*Watches “The Walking Dead” for four hours*

IF Jeff Larish

C Eric Kratz


I’m going to try and double down on posts, here, ironically, so if you’re reading this and its still the middle of the afternoon, see you soon!

*Instantly asleep again*

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