Shane Victorino Wins Apparently Meaningless Award

Well, since Derek Jeter inexplicably got one (A revelation to which I may have overreacted a tad), you could argue that Gold Gloves are pretty much meaningless anymore.  Winning one is like waking up and being “awarded” breakfast.  But I’d be remiss if I didn’t at least mention that Shane picked one up.

Even though I feel like I watched him bobble, drop, and look at a lot of balls this year (EDITOR’S NOTE: Hahahaha!).  I know I could just look that up and know for sure, but let’s just rely on my memory, because I feel its better than ever.

All right I’ll look it up.

Anyways, congrats to Shane, but I think we can all agree that the dominating Phillies headlines this week were about players from other sports wearing Phillies hats.  Here’s one!  And here’s another!  In the celebrity fan-world, I think we certainly gained a few notches knowing AI and Clinton Portis (???) are on our side.

“What does this mean?!” people ask for some reason.  Well, it could mean that they like the Phillies.  Or it could mean they wanted to wear a hat.  In Portis’ case, it probably means he has no trouble alienating the Redskins fanbase by openly advocating for a rival city’s team.

Though in his defense, it’s probably very difficult to distinguish between Citizens Bank South and Citizens Bank Park.  Maybe he’s under the impression the Phillies are D.C.’s home team.

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