Why Are You Such a Dick, News Corp?

“Creating and distributing top-quality news, sports, and entertainment around the world.”

–News Corp website

First, let’s just look at the unwise verbiage used in this mantra.  For a company with such obvious and usually denied affiliations with making shit up, “creating news” is probably not the best way to describe what they do.

Secondly, according to their own motto and recent actions, News Corp must consider parts of New York and New Jersey as being in “the world.”

So it’s mainly the first thing I’d like to discuss.

Which, yeah, is a statement that just made 1,000 jokes blast through your head.  And while NY/NJ may contain areas that  or breed people who have until recently only existed in our nightmares and jokes with unfair stereotypes, it’s also the home of all the toxic goo that has ever turned people into monsters.

Wait.  There was supposed to be a point in there.

Even though the above is true, they do live in their own little worlds, and as in most worlds, sports are a large portion of imporant daily activities, from household chores, to ignoring you children’s plea for attention.

So when you take away such an important aspect, then you’re pretty dickish.  Of course all it would take to be aware of how much “dickishness” is involved in the moves made by News Corp-owned Fox is a class on contemporary media ethics of which your attendance would only have to be 20% and even then you’re probably hungover/asleep.

The dicks at News Corp were already asking for $70 million from broadcasting rights, but have decided that that particular dicking is not nearly as offensive and weird.  Instead, they felt the need to double it, and then add a little more, but you can’t blame them for wanting a nice, round “$150 million” number for broadcasting rights.  Meaning Cablevision, being not your insane zillionaire Uncle Charlie, have balked at the notion.  Therefore, 3,000 NY/NJ TVs will not be showing the Phillies-Giants NLCS tonight.

So, and unless News Corp realizes this, if they still think they’re “distributing entertainment” by not allowing some entertainment to be distributed, they have a clear misunderstanding of their own rules.

Though again, if you already live in New Jersey you probably feel like life’s been dicking you for years now why not another sloppy helping of bullshit for your troubles?

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