Braves Girl Blog is Not Happy With You

Hey, everybody.  Quiet down.  Quiet.  SHUT THE HELL UP.

Julie Kozak has some responses to your accusations.

Julie is a 26-year-old fan of the Atlanta Braves living in the suburbs of Philadelphia. She currently writes for Braves Girl Blog, and this is her perspective.  And let me just add that I don’t remember saying any of this.  But that doesn’t mean it probably didn’t happen.

You say that I am a fair weather fan.

I have stuck by my team through a strike, 14 division titles, a World Series, and the years where we didn’t make the postseason.

You say I owe it to my area to root for my team.

I do. I have loved this team, MY team, since my childhood.

You tell me I have no right to go to Citizens’ Bank Park wearing Atlanta colors.

I see Phillies fans in every city they go to.

You tell me since I live here, the Phillies are my team no matter what.

I see someone who would not criticize a person living in New York, Los Angeles or Chicago if they decided to be a Phillies fan.

You tell me the only reason we were in first place for as long as we were was because you were missing Utley, Howard, Rollins, and Victorino.

I saw a lineup that won with players that many consider weaker than the ones you were missing.

You say the team doesn’t deserve to win because they don’t sell out games.

I see a team with a home record that does not reflect attendance.

You say Jason Heyward is overrated.

I see a player with the potential to be one of the finest outfielders in the game and he is only 21.

You say I don’t know my baseball and that’s why I am a Braves fan.

I say I was raised on baseball and learned from a Major League scout about the sport, and I miss him everyday of my life.

You say that Chipper Jones is overrated and doesn’t deserve to be in the Hall Of Fame.

I see one of the best switch-hitting players of all time and a man with over 400 home runs and a lifetime batting average of over .300

You tell me that Bobby Cox is not as good as we think because he only won one World Series.

I see a man who players rave about and say they are lucky to play for, and they love him on and off the field.

You tell me I have no business rooting for the Eagles and Flyers because I don’t root for the Phillies.

I see a rulebook that states I must root for the Phillies to be allowed to cheer on other local teams. Wait, I do not.

You get mad when other fans talk down on your team or mention they dislike them.

I sit and stay quiet because I am aware that if and when I do the same, I get disrespected and talked down to.

You say you love your team and support them through the good and the bad times.

I say “So do I.”

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  • bureaucratist

    Julie’s problem is that she was born in or around 1984. She was seven in 1991. To have grown up with that history renders fandom akin loving your mother: incredibly easy if she’s nice and smells good, but a little bit harder when she’s heating up the wire hanger on the stove. Her reaction to the fair-weather fan accusation–the only one of her reactions that I object to in anyway–betrays her lack of context; she considers all that “sticking by her team”? Give her Steve Jeltz. Give her Rick Schu. Give her Don Carman. Give her Luis Aguayo. Stick through that and make noise, but don’t expect credit if you weren’t one of the 3500 people attending Braves games at Atlanta Fulton County in the ’80s. One day Julie will be an old woman and have lived through decades of Bravesian decline. That period is about to commence. Then we’ll see about sticking through. But I don’t give her much chance of making it.

  • Julie

    I was not asking for credit from anyone. Yes I was born in 1983 and was about 7 in 91, but that doesn’t make me any less of a fan because I wasn’t sitting in Fulton County Stadium in the 80s. Did you not read it? Did you not see I am not FROM Atlanta? It is a post written about my personal responses to what fans here have said to me throughout the years of my life, written from a perspective of being the Braves fan in Phillies country that I am. And yes-sticking by your team is when you win 14 straight titles and only win one World Series. Having all the pieces to win it all that often and NOT do it more than once is as frustrating as having Don Carmen. And yes I know who that is by the way-I’m not an ignorant fool. I hope you have a good day.

  • Rhino

    Watching a team that should have won many World Series and only won one? That is more heart-breaking than watching a team lose that should be losing.
    But it doesn’t matter because how long or how severe you’ve suffered doesn’t measure your level of fan-dom. Neither does where you’re born. I’m a lifelong Braves fan and I’m from Iowa. I don’t have a pro-sports team so when I was young in the early 90s, did the fact the Braves were winning help me jump behind them? Of course. But so did the fact they were on TBS every single day. Don’t question someone’s passion for their team.
    If they’re willing to blog about it and respond to their rival’s posts, they’re probably pretty passionate. Whatever the reason.

  • Justin Klugh

    I just wanted to jump in here and give myself 4 comments because it may be the 2nd most I’ve ever gotten. Please don’t let me quell the debate.

  • ncphils94

    Well said Julie I am a Phillies fan that lives in Braves country. And I’m embarrassed when people attack another teams fan for their loyalty. I was born and raised in Philly and went thru the bad years going to the Vet from 89 to 92 was like going to an open seat concert they let you sit anywhere because all the diehards couldn’t stand the losing. You are lucky that your team has been relevant most off your life. Congrats on a great season and just remember in 3 to 4 years when your team is enjoying a similar run of success that some fans of other teams are happy for you.

  • Someone who reads this blog

    I grew up near philly hating the braves. that doesn’t mean i necessarily hated their fans. though often times i did. to me the braves represented arrogance and the same type of corporate-style-management i detest about the yankees. also, bobby cox is an over-rated fool. his success was due to his pitching coach, leo mazzone. since he left the braves, so has their success.

    Also, in response to Justin’s bitching about luck during our recent sweep: it wasn’t all good luck. having a wildly fluctuating strike zone during Halladay’s outing counts as some adversity we overcame.

  • Rhino

    Great point on Leo Mazzone. I’ve written about Mazzone being the key to the Braves’ success many times. However, it’s not fair to dismiss Cox’s contributions or the Braves minor league developmental team.

    How’d Mazzone do with the Orioles?

  • Julie

    Leo has not been with the Orioles in a few years. I do miss him rocking back and forth…and back and forth. :) And I dont think Leo was the reason for the success. The “big three” in Maddux, Glavine and Smoltz would have been successes without his guidance. They were that good. And when he left, they were all on their way out. They were all but thought to have been lifers on the Braves. That’s baseball though :)

  • doesn’t matter

    you’re taking all the fun out of this whole rivalry thing, julie. this whole dialogue(?) makes me feel like i’m going to throwup luke-warm, pastel, non-threatening, rally towel.

    • Justin Klugh

      dear god man, why did you eat it in the first place?!

    • bureaucratist

      I call bullshit on this. No way that “doesn’t matter” isn’t really Klugh pumping up the “dialogue” to ten (now eleven) comments.

  • Justin

    That’s so offensive I want to throw up luke-warm, pastel, non-threatening rally towel.

    • bureaucratist

      Reminds of H.J. Simpson’s great “That makes me want to vomit in terror!” at the sight of Bill Clinton and Bob Dole (who has a dysfunctional erection) holding hands in order to exchange long protein strings.

  • Sooze

    This reminds me of most of the 90s (obviously excluding 1991) and into the 2000s when the Twins sucked hardcore ass. We still had season tickets and went to that shithole Metrodome 20 times a summer, and loved every minute.

    As for the Braves, I’ve wanted to marry Chipper Jones ever since I was like 12, which my father damn near disowned me for. First it was for his adorable face, then it was for his sweet swing, now it’s pretty much just for the money and good genes.

    Long live baseball, long live rivalries.

    • bureaucratist

      Yeah, the Braves are great if you’re the marrying kind. You can get cheated on by Chipper Jones, or beaten up by Bobby Cox. Great guys, great team.

    • bureaucratist

      Also, doesn’t Chipper Jones’ fat face show all the classic signs of inbreeding?

    • Justin Klugh

      My father disowned me for saying I wanted to be Donald Duck when I grew up.