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Summer in the Citi

Rolling into the Mets stadium right now is like knocking on your neighbors’ door because you heard them screaming at each other.  The undeniable domestic abuse going on inside is a bit more important than us, standing on the front door step, holding a corned beef casserole and wondering how long it will be until these people kill each other.

But we’re neighbors, so you know.  We “care.”

Here I am answering a barrage of polite inquiries from Frank Gray at Mets Gazette.  Clearly, the Mets have a lot more on their minds right now other than baseball and a playoff hunt that they are just plain not a part of.  Which is nice, but this isn’t one of those blogs where we relish in the misery and afflictions of others.

Wh... how did THIS get here?

The Phillies are riding the momentum of an incredible comeback win to take two of three from the Dodgers.  The Mets are scrambling desperately to keep from falling further while their players seem content to demand trades and commit illegal acts.

Sort of makes you feel bad for David Wright, who doesn’t seem to do much wrong and plays ball like a lovable scamp.

But enough cheap shots!  This is about baseball, and a pennant race, and all that.  The fact that this rivalry will be the filter through which these things travel is close to meaningless, especially with the Mets as far out as they are and the Phils–seemingly–on their way up.

We’re getting R.A. Dickey-ed again tonight, so that’ll be fun.  The last time out the Phillies made up for their clueless stumbling the first time they faced the knuckleballer, so this third time–the second this week, actually–they will be far from strangers.

The Mets, of course, will be facing Cole Hamels, who pretty much shut them down, but could not get his offense to back him for whatever reason and the game ended in a loss.  Despite his dominance, Cole is 0-1 with a 3.79 ERA in his last three starts with 29 K’s.

If ever there was a time to prove to Cole that he could trust the bats in his dugout, now, as we claw back to two games behind the Braves, would probably be that time.  I would say.

The rest of the series will see us showing off our shiny new Shane Victorino while Roy Halladay and Kyle Kendrick hit the dirt against Mets starters “TBA” and “TBA.”

I mean, I can fire cheap shots at the Mets all I want (clearly), but their inhouse turbulence hasn’t brought the train to a complete stop.

The Phillies are on a hot streak and may have to apologetically kick the Mets while they are down.  Not because we want to.  Because we have to.

We also want to.

Don’t forget to cruise over to the always enjoyable Mets Gazette and peruse my guest star role (studio audience goes wild).

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